Ah, The HQ Bullseye!

Sometimes, living in a company’s hometown has its advantages. You can be fairly certain that the retail experience you’re getting is most representative of the mother ship. Want the latest flavor from Starbucks or consistent personal shopping experience from Nordstrom? Stick to Seattle. Want the most authentic dining experience from Bobby Flay? Stick to NYC. Want the cleanest restrooms and happiest employees from Target? Stick to downtown Minneapolis. I’m not saying that the reach, wrath or love of a CEO can’t be felt from afar, but I have noticed that on occasion, things can get lost in translation.

For example: “Ensure all bathrooms are cleaned and fully stocked with supplies” in a HQ city may be interpreted just a tad differently in a satellite location. Case in point? A trip to the Brooklyn Atlantic Avenue Target on a Sunday morning… Sometimes, it’s just tough to stay ahead of the game, as this photo suggests. And yes, I’m taking you into a bathroom stall. But it’s all above board… except the toilet paper… which is tragically humorous. MacGyver would be proud!

Ingenious use of a trash can liner…