Thay Hello to Thamthon!

Samson just found another way to endear himself to us. A quick trip to the vet for teeth cleaningIMG_1135[1] and he’s a new man — but missing his two front teeth, along with two molars. Thay hello to Thamthon. It’s tragically comical, and, yes, once we got him past the pain, we actually laughed out loud. No, not with him. At him. Yes, we’re probably going to hell.

I mean, Samson was cute as a button before, but now? Just too darn endearing. Come on, a dog with no front teeth? Trust me, he’s got plenty, so the guy’s not gumming his food to death, but it cracks me up just to think of it. He was already nicknamed Ding Ding for his, er, lack of skills outside of anything but chasing a ball 24/7, so when you add the Toothless Joe moniker, it definitely paints a picture.


Graphic, yes, but you KNOW you were wondering…

Now, it took a while for me to get to the humor. A 12-hour day for both dogs, undergoing anesthetic, and getting four teeth and two teeth yanked, respectively, and then extracting a cool $1,000 of our own for their good health (Ouch!),and we were close to grouchy. Then to discover it’s more or less hereditary, so while Chloe kept her front teeth for now, we can count on them going within a year or two (they actually had identical molars removed). Oh, and then there was the bloody drool in the car on the way home was an interesting challenge. If you thought texting and driving was dangerous, trying keeping the leather seats protected from a dizzy little pair of doxies still shaking of the last remnants of anesthesia while on Lake Shore Drive at 7 PM. Add to that the all night whimpering and crying that made me feel the guilt of any good pet lover — yes, parent — who feels they’ve let down the little creature who looks to them for EVERYTHING, and you get the gist.

But, it’s three days later, and everyone’s on the mend. The only question still to be answered  is whether or not Samson will lisp when he barks? To be continued…


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