Parrot Talk


Entertaining a parrot is definitely a reciprocal activity. This morning’s example between Chris and Geronimo:

Setting: Morning in the Newbold/Douglas kitchen, Alan making coffee and feeding the dogs, Chris at the counter with Geronimo perched on his finger, peacefully grooming his feathers while Chris speaks to him…

Chris: Once upon a time there was a dashing, handsome, silver-haired prince. (Yes, self-description)

Geronimo: Happy, short warbles and tweets, mimicking Chris’ intonation

Chris: And he found himself trapped, high in a NY tower by an evil, ugly, bad, mean old crone. (Guess who?)

Geronimo: Deep, guttural, elongated trill, mimicking Chris’ intonation

Chris: But luckily, the handsome prince was kept company by a beautiful Falcon.

Geronimo: Turns his head to the side and gleefully shrieks and trills at full volume

Chris: How does he do that? How does he know?

Alan: I have no idea, but he knows it every time.

Geronimo: Heh, heh, heh, heh

Chris: Unbelievable.

Alan: Frightening.

Geronimo: I’m a good boy.

… And so the day begins, once again proving that I have no idea who is smarter — me or my animals…


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