I’ve been engaged in a project at work over the past two weeks, and one of the themes coming out of the process was happiness. I know. How generic, right? How can happiness be ownable? How could a brand or product or service actually attach itself to something so esoteric? That remains to be seen, but hopefully we’ll have that opportunity. More importantly? I’ve had the opportunity to research, live and breathe HAPPINESS over the past while. What an awesome experience. I’d forgotten how simple it is to be happy. Yeah, just how ridiculously, wonderfully simple it is to be happy. God, you should see the grin on my face right now.

One little bit of happy to come out of this is actually the movie: HAPPY. I’ve watched it twice now — was thoroughly enjoyable and thoroughly intriguing. Think about it… We’ve been researching depression and anxiety for decades with laser focus. Why the guffaws and harumphs when someone wants to research — and seriously study — happiness? Because we don’t need a cure for it? Because we don’t need to snuff it out? Because it’s simply too obvious? Whatever the reason, I’m glad director Roko Belic found it important enough to pursue and bring to life.


I look around me and see a miniature Dachshund whose ‘happy bark’ literally lifts his two little front feet off the ground; a parrot who gleefully turns his head to the side and calls ‘hi sweetie’ when I walk in the door; Chris, who will throw back his head back and laugh with abandon when the moment is right; and me, who starts tearing up and smiling whenever I think of our eccentric menagerie of a life… And I think, hell yeah, happiness is ownable! I’m living proof! Here’s to more of it the world over… Well, actually, let’s just start with the inbound 4/5 express during my morning commute. Just sayin. 😉


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