The Fitful Sleep of Cats, Clients and Demi Fey

There are some dreams that are just crazy dreams, and others that are just WTF dreams. Last night? WTF? Perhaps it was the regimen of Niquil, Dayquil, Airborne, Zycam and the last minute generous dosage of Cheritussin (soon to expire and prescribed by Minneapolis minute clinic Dr. Luke Hammer… Seriously? Dr. Luke Hammer? That’s a name born for porn, if ever there was one…) cough syrup that combined to create a night’s sleep that even Laurell K. Hamilton would envy.

So, the dream starts out with my best friend of 28 years, Dan, me and a former cabinetry client driving three to the front seat in some economy station wagon through a nameless intersection, only to be nearly side-swiped by another vehicle driven be a ne’er-do-well (token nod to Chris, who LOVES that word). My former client became outraged, and demanded that we follow the guy and give him a piece of her mind. We give chase, corner the guy outside his own double-wide, and follow him inside to a scene of his wife, kids, and CATS. Cats everywhere. On everything. And in every color NOT found in nature — purple Tabbies, pink Persians, red Siamese. And some of them were really tiny and crawling like little Demi Fey (think Tinkerbelle) through his wife’s long hair and playing peek-a-boo. Freaky, freaky, freaky.

Now my former client is focused on her mission, and sits the guy down at his kitchen table to give him what for, but looks around, sees the cabinetry and tries to sell the guy on a kitchen makeover. A new kitchen that is no doubt worth more than his whole double wide! But she’s good, and she succeeds; leaves her card on the table and out the door she goes, leaving me with the guy, his wife, and his rainbow cat collection. I look down and there is a play pen full of cats all staring at me like I can save them somehow. I can’t. I won’t. They’re bright BLUE, for gods’ sake. So I hit the door at a run.

The Getaway Car

I get outside, only to discover Dan and my former client sitting in the front seat of a toy-sized all white Nissan Cube, dressed in solid white fitted — yes, fitted — cat suits, revving the engine and waving me in. I look down, see myself in the same fitted get-up, and awoke screaming, sweating, and praying for daybreak.

Now clearly there is a thread of reality throughout the dream — it doesn’t take Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat to do a little interpreting. Dan and I have been talking cars and careers lately, some of the story lines in recent Merry Gentry novels have involved Demi Fey and oddly colored creatures.  One of my new clients has been very interested in cats lately, and one of my former clients is working on a kitchen makeover in which I was very involved. The piece that’s befuddling me? The all-white, fitted cat suits we ended up in, and the all white miniature Nissan Cube that closed out the scene… Again, WTF?


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