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Chris can attest to the fact that I. Love. Bookshelves. They are beautiful. And even if their purpose is less about library and more about a presence in our home, I still love them. Maple, cherry, walnut… deep or narrow… free floating or lining a wall… It doesn’t matter. They just make me happy. It’s probably just a throw back to the Saturday morning job chart that my mom used to fill out for us. “Straightening the bookcase” in the family room was a Saturday job I dreaded — not because I hated the task, but because I knew I’d get sucked into reading all of the books, and my entire morning would be lost before I knew it! Not much has changed for me… Even with iBook, Nook or any other eReader, I get sucked in and just keep reading. Here are a few of my latest finds that have kept me busy at “straightening the bookshelf…”

Alice Hoffman: The Dovekeepers

I wasn’t quite sure I was going to enjoy this book, given my unfamiliarity with Jewish history and the Roman Empire. But I needn’t have worried. The characters came to life via four story lines that even told separately, came together beautifully. I found myself driving through pages when it began to plod from a descriptive perspective, but more because I wanted to move more quickly, rather than out of boredom or frustration. I recommend it.

Susan Wilson: One Good Dog

Definitely light reading, but for anyone with a connection to their own pet — specifically a dog? It’s a must — even if the story is a bit predictable and a bit saccharin. Sometimes that’s EXACTLY what is needed. The story is told from two perspectives: human and dog, depending upon the chapter. The characters are real and interesting enough, and the author gives human voice to the dog during his chapters. If you can forgive that projection of human thought onto an animal, then I recommend this book. And if you love your dog and SWEAR you can communicate with it? Then it’s a no brainer. Read this book.

Robert Crais: Taken

This was my first foray into the world of Robert Crais — and I’ve already started reading another of his books. This particular book dealt with a mystery around illegal human trafficking, and I was immediately hooked from the first couple of pages. This book’s protagonists were a private detective and his associate. In reviewing a list of other titles by Mr. Crais, it appears I’ll have a few “straighten the bookcase days” ahead of me, as there appear to be two series that delve into the world of both of these characters separately. Always good to open a book with characters you already know and see what they’re up to!

Laurel K. Hamilton: The Meredith Gentry Series (volumes 1 – 7)

You remember I loved the Anita Blake series… well, this series also stays with the fantasy element, but focuses more on the world of faerie as it co-exists with our reality here in the US. The protagonist is another strong female character, and it took me a while to separate myself from the Anita Blake character, simply because of the nuances between the two. In the end? It’s good stuff and a great escape. I still favor Anita Blake’s world over Meredith Gentry’s world, but hey — both are a great place to visit after a long day in this world. And yes, there are seven titles. And yes, I read them all in a very short period of time. Thank you, Donna Douglas and Dale and Barb Newbold for those Barnes and Noble gift cards.


One thought on “The Digital Bookshelf

  1. Wow–I didn’t realize I’d missed so many posts. Last time I looked you were wondering if you wanted to continue. Guess I better start reading again. And I especially love your posts about books.

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