There’s a WHAT in the Backyard?

My niece Farrah is always the first to report back on a documentary she’s seen that moved her or that must be seen by others. I’m following her lead on this front and calling out a beautifully balanced film that awakened a number of emotions within me: The Elephant in the Living Room.

The film tells the story of the very real exotic animal trade within the US, the laws — or lack of — governing that trade and/or protecting the animals, and the fear that drives the animals, their owners, animal welfare and law enforcement, and the general population. It’s not a film for the faint of heart — it visually and verbally draws you in and challenges opinions you thought were firm. I went to bed with the animal and human characters roaring through my mind, and awoke with them still speaking to me. And my firm opinions? Crumbling. Congratulations to Director, Michael Webber.



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