Just A Little “I Heart NYC Moment”

The Westin New York may not be much to crow about, but it definitely knows how to serve up serendipity in spades, or, at least in a glass of Pinot Grigio. See, I’m the guy who checks into the hotel, heads to his room, dumps his stuff, slips his key card into his wallet, and then heads out into the city for dinner, a client meeting, a quick walk, etc. And those key cards? Yeah — they don’t have a room number on them. Not usually a challenge unless you are in a habitual state of channeling your mother (see “I am my Mother’s Son“), which, of course, I am. So… you see where this is headed…

I come back to the hotel after dinner, head to the bar to grab a glass of wine, only to be met by a bar tender who is cute as a button and believes I’m a regular (remember, I live in Minneapolis), so we chat about old times (who am I to disappoint?), and he asks if I want the wine billed to the room. Absolutely. Let’s do it. Room number? I have no idea. Absolutely none. There’s a vague memory of four digits, but I’m not seeing them come together in a fog, let alone in solid, bold print. The guy offers to check in with the front desk, but in the meantime, hands me my bill. The total? $17.42. For a glass of wine? Yeah, for a glass of wine. But more randomly, I think that’s my room number. No really, I think that’s my room number. He looks at me strangely, but calls the front desk, and yes, they verify that Alan Newbold is a guest at the hotel. And yes, his room number is 1742. The bar erupts in cheers and applause.

If I wasn’t a regular before, I am now. I’m so regular I’m history. And the bartender is glowing. And me? Yeah, me, too.  Just the little “I love New York” moment I needed. Cheers, NYC.


2 thoughts on “Just A Little “I Heart NYC Moment”

  1. Love that story. I true New York moment…. Sorry I missed you by 6 hours. damn…

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