Where’ve I Been?

You know you need to slow down a bit when you have the titles for three fabulous blog posts saved in your drafts, and have NO IDEA what they were going to be about. “Generations.” “The Age of Inaccountability.” “You Don’t Pay Me Enough to Care.” I’m sure there were some events that triggered these titles. And the stories were going to be raucous, scathing and humorous. They had to be there. But they’re gone. So, just know that those three titles and a whirlwind of business travel have triggered this one: “Early Onset Alzheimer’s or Simple Overload?” , which boiled down, becomes: “Where I’ve Been.” Of course, this title infers the double-entendre of literally, where have I been, I can’t remember, in addition to where’ve I been, I’ve not been on my blog. Bored, yet? Getting there? Me, too. So, let’s just say that I’m upping my anti-oxidants, the B6, B12 and folic acids, hitting the gym harder, grabbing a yoga class or two, and taking some time off. And the world will benefit. Okay, my world. But that’s good enough for me. Stay tuned.


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