My Music. Their Generation.

I’m at the office. Working is humming along. Laughter, phones ringing, shouts across the room. I thread my way through the open work space on my way to a meeting, and toss out, “Hey, I found my new favorite band of the week — Vertical Horizon.” Immediate guffaws and general derision from the group. “OMG, you just took me back to 1999!” “Are you kidding? They were big when I was in middle school!” “Middle school? More like grade school!” You get the drift. Complete mockery. Total Rodney Dangerfield moment (which they probably won’t appreciate, either). I was able to save a little face with the fact that I was listening to a 2008 album “Burning the Days,” with minimal scarring, but just barely.

However, the bigger picture? The fact that I can find bands and solo artists whenever I want, where ever I want (sounds like a W Hotel commercial… and I hate the fact that the W sets a pre-recorded Whatever/Whenever message EVERY DAY in your room, so that if you are the least bit OCD and can’t stand to have the red message light blinking at you because you wonder whether or not it is the damn Whatever/Whenever message or something actually important, you are FORCED to soldier on through it… God, I really digressed. Been holding that one in WAY too long!) and then experience those artists via audio or video file is pretty amazing. Serius, XM, AOLRadio, iTunes, YouTube, and the rest have pretty much forced us across the generational music divide without even trying. All access, all the time seems to be blurring the lines of what’s hot among generations into simply, what’s hot.

So, what’s hot for me right now? No laughter, please. Just check out the music and enjoy. Oh, and also check out Big Jon Lam’s top 25 list from 2010, for some additional choices. Either way, no scarring, no derision. Just pure, listening pleasure.Oh, and check out this cool iTunes Link Maker that enables me to share music directly from the iTunes store. Yes, new to me. Probably not so new to you. Again, the joys of self-discovery!

Full Albums… I dove all the way in and bought these albums after listening to one or two snippets. Worth the risk for me…

Alex Band: We’ve All Been There —






Floortje: Fearless —






Daughtry: Leave This Town —






Green River Ordinance: Out Of My Hands —






Keane: Night Train —






Parachute: Losing Sleep —






Ryan Star: 11:59 —






Sick Puppies: Polar Opposite —






Singles… Not sure I want the whole experience yet, but testing the waters with a few songs… (and you’re on your own for album artwork… I do have a life, you know)

Shinedown: The Sound of Madness / Second Chance

Thriving Ivory: Thriving Ivory / Day of Rain

Switchfoot: Nothing Is Sound / We Are One Tonight

Stone Sour: Come Whatever May / Through Glass

Theory Of A Deadman: Scars & Souvenirs / Not Meant To Be

Orianthi: Believe (II) / According To You

One EskimO: One EskimO / Amazing

Nickelback: Dark Horse / If Today Was Your Last Day

Michelle Branch: The Spirit Room / Everywhere


One thought on “My Music. Their Generation.

  1. Thanks for the shout out!
    I think you would love the rest of One EskimO. It actually came out almost 2 years ago, so it was in my top 10 for 2009. And, don’t forget Fitz and the Tantrums.

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