Not Frigid… Just Ice Cold

Looking out my living room window…

“Hey Chris.”


“Why is their an outhouse out on the middle of the lake?”

“It’s an ice house.”

“An ice house.

“Yeah. An ice house.”


On the phone with Erin…



“What gives with the ice houses out on the lake? It’s like Wysteria Lane out there.”

“Oh, it’s another way for Minnesota men to escape their kids and avoid having conversations with their wives during the winter.”


It’s Minnesota. It’s winter. It’s below zero outside. So what the $%*!! are all those people doing out on Lake Minnetonka? I’m completely amazed and befuddled by the whole thing. Sub-zero or single digit temperatures, and there are people out there in canvas condos — one even has twinkle lights on its eaves — having the time of their lives. I’ve seen multiple people, dogs, snow mobiles, ATVs, and three ton Chevys out their on the ice. Can the fishing be that good? Really? And how can they trust the ice? Just seeing all that activity out both excites and terrifies me. Clearly the physics of lake ice are understood by the natives. But this transplant? No how. No way. I actually ventured out there yesterday just to capture it on film. Check it out.

Directions always help...

Wisteria Lane North...

Volvo for Life... in this case, taking it into your own hands...

Doesn't this crack worry anyone else?

Clearly, this was not a day trip.

Guaranteed to be 40 degrees warmer than all other canvas ice houses...Yeah. But you're still sitting ice.

Now THAT'S a drill!

The drill in action!

That's not a road. That's looking back at the public boat ramp from out on the lake.


2 thoughts on “Not Frigid… Just Ice Cold

  1. That’s amazing! John took the kids ice fishing once. Once. Nobody wants to try it again. They just remember cold. Aren’t there local horror stories of times when the ice broke?

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