Cross Check and All Call

I’ve been traveling so much lately that these words have become my mantra. They may even become the names of my next generation of Dachshunds. Just imagining the look on people’s faces when they ask the names of my cute little mutts gets me through a rough take-off or landing nowadays. But I never knew what the words actually meant until today. I mean, I figured I kind of new what they meant, but it never hurts to Google, right? Apparently, I wasn’t alone in my quest for knowledge: 57, 700 hits on Google confirmed that air travelers everywhere are hungry for the answer. So, here it is… or, at least one version:

From my friends at (who knew they had an “ask the pilot” column?):

  • “Cross-check” is a generic term used by pilots and flight attendants meaning that one person has verified the action of another.
  • “All-call” is another variation on the doors procedures, above. Each cabin crew member reports to the lead flight attendant or purser that the doors and slides are properly set.

Now I wonder how our sexy Delta in-flight video star would bring those terms to life? That’s another video just waiting for production… Hmmm… “Gut-check” and “Last call”? Have at it.


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