The Movie Download

When Chris leaves town, I hunker down and hit the theater — the home theater, that is. Apple TV, I love you. So, in the spirit of my Brisk client (check out some crazy claymations on Facebook), I’m going to review the 8 movies I watched in 5 days in 110 characters or less… my reviews just won’t get animated. But humor me:











  • Black Swan — Pyscho thriller or psycho babble? Still not sure. Had potential. Never hit it. Thumbs down.
  • Charlie St. Cloud — Don’t judge me. I’m a sucker for romantic idealism. And a kid who’s not afraid to grow up on-screen. Thumbs up.
  • Frost/Nixon — Nixon became human, reachable and yes, pitiable. So did Frost. Beautiful ensemble work. Thumbs up.
  • Because I Said So — Don’t see it… Because I said so. Thumbs down.
  • Winter’s Bone — Wonderfully disturbing. A hard core way of life made more real by solid acting. Thumbs up.
  • Milk — Why did I wait so long? A powerful life. And history is repeating itself… Prop 6 then. Prop 8 now. Thumps up.
  • The Boy in the Striped Pajamas — This family torn apart by Nazi power tore me apart. A completely new perspective on a horrific time. Thumbs up.
  • The Kids Are All Right — Enjoyable. Potentially thought-provoking. Getting beneath the surface is tough. Do it. Thumbs up.

Brevity works. So does a good flick. Cheers.


2 thoughts on “The Movie Download

  1. Guess I better hit the theaters. Haven’t seen any of them, Alan. Just True Grit. Bridges is stellar.

  2. I liked Black Swan more than I thought I would, but mostly I think because of all the ballet, which I loved. I hated Winters Bone and found it boring and over the top with all the Appalachia stuff.
    Loved Milk and The Kids Are All Right. Fun to read your movie recap! Love you and Happy New Year!

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