Move Over Movemember…

Movember 29th… One day more. (Go ahead. Name that musical. Name the character who sings it.) One day more to celebrate the joys of healthy living; yearly physicals; brothers, dads, uncles; prostate cancer research; and yes, my upper lip. Then it’s gone, folks. Gone. So for all of you who have enjoyed the photos, doled out the abuse, and yes, enjoyed the morbid fascination of me as a seventies porn star, now is your last chance to put up or shut up. No more lip, folks (pun intended). Deliver. Visit Alan’s Mo Space and make that pledge. Every dollar counts!Thanks to those of you who have “fertilized my ‘stache,” I’m up to $110. I’d like to close this month out at $250! Come on! Help a Mo out! (sorry, couldn’t resist…) Your posterity will thank me. And have more opportunity to love you. Longer.


2 thoughts on “Move Over Movemember…

  1. The musical is Les Miserables. The main singers are Jean Val Jean, Marius, Cosette, Javert and Enjorlas though the entire cast joins in during the song. (one of my favorite musicals.) 😉

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