Family Grooming

While not every member of the Newbold-Douglas household appreciates my dedication to the Mo Cause, one has definitely embraced the facial adornment: Geronimo. He spent a good 5 – 7 minutes this morning moving from one shoulder to the other, trying to get just the right angle to groom every single whisker within reach. Like me, he was frustrated with the wiry gray ones, which seem to have a mind and will of their own, no matter the amount of product we apply. Of course, he required equal amounts of attentive head-scratching and feather-stroking from me, following his endeavor. I complied. It’s only fair. Now if I could just get same amount of respect from the rest of the household — or, yes, even my co-workers… No such luck. Check out the latest mustachioed comments and comparisons for the week:

  • “The Captain will be right back…”(reference to Captain Kangaroo, one of my favorite childhood TV show hosts… I made hundreds of sock puppets over the years thanks to him!)
  • “Barney Miller is alive and well.” (reference to Hal Linden’s 70’s TV series… if only my clarinet-playing rivaled his.)
  • “This is Alan and his mustache.” (my introduction to an interview candidate by an associate… he and I were both bemused and confused.)
  • ” Have you thought about growing that out into a full goatee?” (as I sat in the chair of my new hair stylist for the first time.)

Clearly, the Mo crew needs to hire someone for some seriously needed PR, because the word is SO not out there. Hmmm… now there’s a thought. GeroniMo and I may just pull together a proposal for Movember 2012! In the meantime, visit to check out my team’s stats and donate to the cause.


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