Movember Ode to Paul

This Movember post is dedicated to my brother Paul — somewhere past 50 and going strong. Beautiful wife, beautiful kids, beautiful grandkids, and yes, big time survivor. Remember how I mentioned that my family joked about “countdown to cancer”? Well, it wasn’t a joke for Paul. But he’s the one delivering the punch line. Healthy and strong and loving life. I didn’t want to post about his bout with cancer without his permission, but when he emailed me the following, I figured the time was right:

My brother Paul, and sister Cynthia

“You didn’t mention my cancer on your blog (OK, chondro-sarcoma is a little unusual, especially when attached to the septum) I have been cancer free for 20 years now, as of October 2010!  How grateful I am to be alive and to have had the last 20 years to enjoy my kids growing up, grandkids, as well as brothers & sisters and the whole wonderful extended family.”

Paul was misdiagnosed for a while, and after feeling that he’d received more than enough treatment for sinus infections, went to a specialist, and finally received the right diagnosis and the right treatment. So, for all of you tough guys out there “sucking it up” and “getting through it,” spend a little of your damn insurance money and get checked out. That’s why God made flex-spend accounts! You won’t regret it. Paul is proof.


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