Stolen Identity

Movemeber 11th, 2010

I have no idea who I am… I’m hearing “Robert Goulais,” “Rock Hudson pre-illness”(thanks for that clarification), “Tony Randall,” “Omar Sharif (my mom, of course; love you, mom), “George Clooney” (they were being nice), and yes, “Saddam Hussein.” Really? “Saddam Hussein?” This mustache thing is a riot. Who knew what it would do to people? Half of them can’t look at me without laughing. The other half are unabashedly attracted to me (and yes, they are close to the 20-something range. Daddy is clearly in the house.). And Chris? Still hates it. Calls it a rat on my face… Term of endearment? Let’s pretend. And tell me who YOU think I am. Go ahead. I can take it. And so can Saddam.


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