It’s Movember!

Nope. Not misspelled. It’s truly Movember. The month formerly known as November is a moustache growing charity event held during November each year that raises funds and awareness for men’s health — specifically prostate cancer. And I’m in. 4 days in, as a matter of fact. And my is to remember all my uncles fondly and inspire my 5 brothers to stay happy and healthy!

You might think this is a lark, but it’s not. I’m just sorry I didn’t discover the movement sooner. (Chris? Not so much. He’s even offered to pay me NOT to grow a mustache, no matter what the charity. So I’m even MORE in!) I actually come from a family of survivors. Sometimes we joke about us being on a countdown to cancer. I know, it sounds raw, but you have to know my family. We’re good at that stuff. Cancer on my mom’s side of the family is pretty crazy. Her three brothers, Ted, Hal and Don all endured cancer of one type or another (prostate, intestinal, colorectal, melanoma), and eventually, it played a role in their deaths. They were fabulous, funny, wonderful men, and I am so glad I was able to know them. My mom and her two sisters, Margie and Darlene, have all survived breast cancer, and are just as fabulous, funny and wonderful as their brothers, and fortunately, are STILL in my life. So, this Movember, I’m enduring the odd client stares, the grimaces of my other half, and the entertainment of wondering just how gray this sucker is going to be — all in the name of men’s health. Yep, and now comes the shameless plug: JOIN ME!

Go to, select “US” and type “Alan Newbold” into the search feature at the top of the site. You’ll land on My Mo Space page, and be able to donate to a great cause, as well as see my face change fairly regularly. $1, $10, $100 — it doesn’t matter. Or just send me well wishes or razors. It really doesn’t matter. Just getting me, my brothers, and the rest of the world thinking about the men in their life and how to keep them healthy is worth it! So Dave, Paul, Bruce, Mike and Russ? Prepared for the rubber glove and prepare to live long, happy, healthy lives!




One thought on “It’s Movember!

  1. I couldn’t find a place to leave a comment on your MoSpace, but I have to agree with Mom–Omar Shariff it is. And, looking twice at everyone, I’m amazed at the amount of space you have for growing a moustache! All you guys have it. Makes for a nice bushy moustache instead of one of those icky skinny little things.

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