Home, James… The Meter’s Running

Valet in Minneapolis must be getting pricey… or maybe the valet attendants are getting reckless. Well,  actually, that’s true. Anyone letting the valet park their car at Bar La Grassa take note. Those guys squeal through that parking garage like they’re in a Formual One vehicle. I’m just saying. I park my car there on a monthly contract, and those guys scare the hell out of me tearing through that garage. Don’t believe me? It’s all on video… just ask the garage for the clips. I’d recommend holding onto that tip until after you’ve checked your gas gauge, your tire guage, and your doors and bumpers for dings… But hey, maybe that’s why this beautiful Bentley was parked at the curb, instead of in a parking garage somewhere. I mean, really, when was the last time you saw a Bentley parked at the curb? No driver to be seen and money in the meter. I had to snap a photo.

And then I noticed the odd little moped-ATV-segway-cinderalla coach parked behind the Bentley. Armed escort? Or has the Minneapolis Police Department severely cut their budgets across the parking front and the vehicle front? Check out the three-wheelers… not even parked at the meter, but on the sidewalk! We’re talking the city is really tightening it’s belt, right? And I bet the officers “riding” those babies are feeling proud… “Officer, what a cute little ride!” That must make a few of them chafe and squirm.


One thought on “Home, James… The Meter’s Running

  1. Hi, Alan. Just wanted you to know I was reading your blog and catching up on old posts. I loved your idea of passing Bruce’s book around and encouraging others to keep passing it. I really hope you do get some emails.

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