Mel Gibson Scared My Dog

You’ve all read about it. Talked about it. Laughed about it. Shocked about it. But have you played the audio files? Chris and I did tonight, and Mel Gibson is one insane freak of an individual. I’m sorry, Mel. I’ve always had a hard time with your politics, your bigotry, and your sleeping around on your wife. But this? This is ridiculous!

I won’t even insert the links to my post, because you know exactly where to find them. The number of Google hits on his name tonight is already at 190,000,000 in .11 seconds and counting. But if you have the stomach, take a listen. But put your kids to bed and your animals in their kennels. It ain’t pretty. Our dachshund, Samson, actually started to whimper and cry and went to his bed because he got frightened by the crazed screams and spittle and panting, and thought we were mad at him. The poor little guy was beside himself! Now how sad is it when Mel Gibson can make your dog cry? When he’s not even acting?


One thought on “Mel Gibson Scared My Dog

  1. It’s a total train wreck. I can’t even be-lieve how crazy he is. I’m so glad she recorded him. No one would have believed it otherwise.

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