For the Love of Baseball

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And I mean that in a good way. Maybe it’s living a block away from the beautiful Target Field. Maybe it’s watching thousands of Twins fans head to the stadium nearly every night. Maybe it’s the fact that even when we turn out the lights, the stadium lights reflect off neighboring buildings through our windows. I don’t know, but I’m feeling the love of baseball. And yes, we have tickets to a Yankees/Twins game in early August. And we’re psyched about it. But back to the baseball love…

I was at drinks with my department last night, and we were sparring about the fact that all the women had gone to see “Sex in the City II,” recently, and didn’t invite us. So, we were discussing what us guys were going to do without them, to get them back. And somehow the fact that we had books written by my brother came about. And then I had to explain that my brother Bruce had written a book about fantasy baseball — but in the literal sense (you have to read it to figure that one out) — and the guys wondered why the CEO and Executive Creative Director (at our table, too) had copies, but none of them did. Um, let’s think about that. Who signs my paycheck? No, really, I shared the book with them as plane fare during our interview process, knowing how much they travel and how often they might be grounded on tarmacs due to storms. But back to the real story…

I decided to give away some copies of the book — The Baseball Box Prophecy —  to they guys I work with, and some other guys around Minneapolis (I told you I was feeling the love… and yes, Bruce, I paid for them. Your publisher will be happy.) with the caveat that when they finish the book, they have to immediately pass it on to another baseball lover or dreamer — someone who will enjoy it as much as they did. And in the front of each book, I wrote a note to every reader, asking them to keep the prophecy alive by sharing the book, and to email me every time the book got passed along. If it takes off, it should prove fairly interesting and fun to see how many other notes get written in the book and how many emails I get from people who read this blog — and have read the book — and do the same. All for the love of baseball!


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