A Trip to Bountiful…

I lied. It wasn’t Bountiful. It was Kaysville. But there is not a movie about any trip to Kaysville… but since Kaysville is just 20 minutes north of Bountiful, I’m sticking to it. Mom and Dad moved. Not my fault. But I did get home for a quick weekend to celebrate Mom’s birthday and Father’s Day. It was a glorious weekend. I didn’t tell any of the rest of the family I was coming in, so got some great one-on-one time with my parents, and then surprised the rest of the family when they showed up to wish Dad a Happy Father’s Day.

This is just a quick photo collage of Mom’s flower garden. She shares my green thumb and love of all things that grow and bloom. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “A Trip to Bountiful…

  1. Really? I have to resort to communicating with you through your frickin’ blog????

    Hell, at this point I’ll take any form of communication…

    how are you?


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