Go Fish…

“I’m on my way home.”



“There’s fish in the refrigerator.”

“Okay. Will you put some rice on?”

“How much water?”

“2 to 1”




Innocent enough, right? Right. Until I got home. Greeted the dogs. Greeted the bird. Greeted Chris. Checked the rice. Shucked the corn. And put the fish in the oven. I thought I’d keep it clean. Just prepare it with a little olive oil in the baking dish and some lemon pepper. No big deal, right? WRONG. It was Walleye. Walleye, you hear me? Walleye. It’s like fish royalty or something. “Lake fish, you know.” What’s the big deal, right? Can’t you just throw Walleye in a baking dish and make the world happy? Apparently not! You should have seen the sour look on Chris’ face when I served it up. Now, granted, I did taste it and thought it warranted some more seasoning, but I didn’t think it was that bad. But Chris? His face screwed up like he had stepped on a freshly soiled puppy pad.

“You baked the Walleye?!?”

“Yes. It’s fish.”

“You don’t bake Walleye. Everyone knows that.”

“Well, clearly, I don’t!”

“Next time, let ME prepare it.”

“Well, I’m sorry for actually cooking you dinner!”

“Oh, stop with the hissy fit, it has to be breaded and fried!”

“Well then do it yourself!”

And so it continued. Me stomping to the sink. Chris sulking at the table. Me too proud to own up to the fact that it truly did suck –it was awful. I couldn’t take more than a bite or two. And him too proud to back down that EVERYONE knows how to cook Walleye. In the end it all worked out. I apologized. He apologized. The Walleye found its way to the trash, and we went out for ice cream. All good.

Photo courtesy SplatgirlCreates.blogspot.com

But just to help anyone like ME, who may not have known that EVERYONE else in the world knows how to prepare Walleye, I’m throwing down a few recipes. And, yes, Chris, Walleye CAN be baked. Bread and fry THAT, oh mighty one!

Bon Appetit!


One thought on “Go Fish…

  1. Thanks for the info Alan….I DID NOT know you couldn’t bake walleye either! Good to know…..but breaded and fried?….ew Chris, ew! haha 😉

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