Parking Stall Blues…

Okay... Feeling Short

When I pulled into my parking stall the other morning at work, I had occasion to look up, and up, and up. Two of the largest pick-ups I’ve seen in a very long time had decided to take up shop on either side. I was immediately thrown back into high school mode, and the dreaded “walk down the main hall” where the jocks would sit on either side of the Woods Cross High School hallway and jeer at the rest of us (or so we thought, living in our world of adolescent insecurities) as we walked to and from class. How random is it that a parking stall could invoke such a virulent memory. Issues, Alan, issues. Breathe. Breathe. Shaking off that memory, I then realized that the guy who drives the uber-truck on my left is actually 5’2″ tall. Thank God someone else has issues, too!


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