Hypocrisy Central

If you thought I could let this entire debacle pass without a word, you were sorely mistaken. Hello Dr. George Rekers. 1,920,000 Google search results in .16 seconds tells us something, doesn’t it? Just shy of 2 million! How many more “protectors of family values” do we have to see “de-frocked” before we acknowledge the hypocrisy of their claims? The idiocy of their arguments? The frailness of their points of view? The list of “anti-gay” males caught in the act of being “oh so pro-gay” is now so long, and their antics so ridiculous, that those of us who actually ARE gay, and have worked hard our entire lives at being as human and real as possible in spite of idiots and, yes, painfully frustrated guys like these, are now working just as hard and fast as the right wing, Christian, family value-loving organizations to distance ourselves from these types! (yes it was the longest run-on sentence I’ve written in a long time, but worth it)

A little background on the professor. George Alan Rekers, is a prominent anti-gay activist who co-founded the conservative Family Research Council. He is also a member of NARTH, The National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality, which describes itself as “a professional scientific organization dedicated to assisting individuals dealing with unwanted homosexual attractions.” While neither organizations will receive donations from me, at least both are distancing themselves from the good doctor. For an example on some of his best work, read this little snippet on the $60,000 worth of expert testimony he was paid by the state of Florida to in defense of their statewide ban on gays and lesbians adopting kids. And that doesn’t even touch his opinions about gay and lesbian identity and origins. But it’s enough. And enough is enough.

This is one of those situations where humor is truly the only method of defusing a bomb as dangerous as this topic. It’s a topic so polarizingly (yes, it’s now an adverb) charged that laughter is the ONLY way we can truly relieve the stress and anxiety endured trying to process exactly what is going on with these guys! So, I’m going to let humor do the talking here… Check out these links, and don’t be afraid to laugh, cry, or just let your jaw hit the ground at the ludicrousness of this situation.

And just to keep the humor moving along… check out the side-by-side photos of the good doctor and actor Robin Williams as the flamboyant “Armond” in the movie “The Bird Cage” — see any similarities? I only wish I could have found one of Robin without the hat!


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