Rockabye Random

So… I’m in Starbucks the other morning, and I hear this xylophone-esque rendition of a song that sounded so familiar… I listened closer, but couldn’t put my finger on the title of the song… maybe it was the Barista calling orders, the blending of drinks, the grinding of coffee, I don’t know, but I could not place it. I shazam-ed it: unrecognizable. That should have been my first clue. But no, I couldn’t stop myself. I hung out in the damn shop long enough for it to circulate back on the screen (yes, that is why I was late to the office last week, if you must know — blame it on the music). And then I burst out laughing when I figured it out —

It was a “lullaby version” of The Eagles’ “Witchy Woman” — I know, right? Really? A lullaby version of “Witchy Woman”? That would be a big WHY?!?! But I was intrigued, so I hopped on iTunes when I had some time (yes, that would be when I arrived at the office) and discovered that there is a cult-like music selection for everyone from head-bangers to punkers to grungies to classical fans suckling an infant at their breast! I mean, it’s crazy! Pink Floyd (“Brain Damage”), Metallica , (“Nothing Else Matters”) , The Eagles (“Witchy Woman”), The Beatles (“Yesterday”), Coldplay (“Clocks”), and even Aerosmith (“Walk This Way”), all eerily played wit the innocence of wind chimes, xylophones, and music boxes… I guess if the only lullabys you are really singing to your kids are the songs of your youth, you may as well have the appropriate instrumental back you up to keep you on-key, right? And there is an entire Web site to help you find your favorite tunes of adolescence, as well: Rockabye Baby!

This takes parent/child bonding to a whole new level. You relive the music of your youth and your child innocently loves the good mood the music puts you in… Or your kid cries incessantly because your spouse has chosen a song or mix that takes you back to moment or prom that seriously sucked for you. Reverse bonding in an instant. Could prove dangerous.

Now granted, I don’t have kids, so I admit to passing some serious judgment here. But in the spirit of fun, who could resist? I may actually buy the lullaby version of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” for Geronimo and see if it helps put him to sleep at night… I’ll keep you posted. Or not.


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