When the Concrete Blooms

Anyone who knows me understands how the simplest of discoveries can move me… When I lived where I could actually garden and tend to all my living things with roots, I would walk around every night and every morning to see what had changed since my last pass. Noticing how a vine that I had directed toward a piece of lattice-work had magically wrapped itself around the bamboo four times… watching a Hibiscus seemingly bloom in front of you, with a bloom cycle so fast and furious… and waking with anticipation for the rose you knew would have bloomed over night, only to discover it nipped off at the base by a hungry doe… But it’s all still miraculous. So when I find these little miracles on the streets of NYC? I just have to take a moment and celebrate them. They are the simple proof that life goes on. You just can’t stop it. Nor should you. But you should slow down enough to participate. Enjoy!

Hyacinths on 9th Ave.

Blooming Curb-side on 42nd Street

Squeezing Purple out of the Muck

And I have to leave you with one of my favorite little trees on the 42nd Street corridor. This guy has been chopped down, spat out, peed on, driven over, and he just won’t quit. He comes back stronger and braver and brighter than ever. I named him “Resilience”…



3 thoughts on “When the Concrete Blooms

  1. I thought I was at the wrong blog for a second. Looked like you were also writing about General Conference with pictures of flowers straight out of Temple Square 🙂
    Sorry–couldn’t resist.

  2. John does the same as you with all his growing things. Each evening of the summer, when he gets home from work, he walks through the yard and garden to see how everything is doing.

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