The Oxymoronic Dichotemy of Juxtaposition

No rhyme or reason to this one. Just things that set me off and fall into the category of the post title:

  • The city sanitation worker who tosses a cigarette butt out of the window of the truck while picking up trash
  • The dog owner who lets a pooch pee right in front of the door of a building and then berates another dog owner who doesn’t pick up poop for giving all dog owners a bad name
  • The city taxi commission that forces riders to view and vote on one of three potential Cab TV welcome scenarios before providing the option to turn the damn thing off.
  • The limousine company who meets you at baggage claim with a sign, and then leads you three hundred and fifty yards through pouring rain across two lanes of moving traffic and a parking lot in the rain because “inside pick-up” is more “convenient for riders” than curb-side pick-up.

Please feel free to add your own. It’s simply one of those days…


One thought on “The Oxymoronic Dichotemy of Juxtaposition

  1. I’m still hung up on you being picked up at the airport by a limo, Alan. Did I read that right?

    Mine was this morning listening to a girl from one of my Family and Consumer Studies classes talk so rudely to her 4-year-old son when she’s supposedly almost done with a Early Childhood Development major to become what? A teacher. She obviously hasn’t been paying attention to the past couple years of school. It hurt my heart, and I wanted to give the little guy a hug and tell him I’d listen to him.

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