Hooked on my Nook!

I won’t take credit for it, but I did it. I bought a Nook. Blame it on Chris. If it’s efficient, effective, and evocative and even remotely technological, blame it on Chris. He had purchased one a while back and kept raving about it. I wasn’t quite sold because I love the page turning, book store-browsing, and book marking associated with books and literature. But I thought I’d give it a shot by starting out with Nook training wheels: the Barnes & Noble eReader.

The eReader is basically the technology of the Nook, but lives on your PC, laptop or smart phone. You download a book, and can access it on any, every device in your home, office, or backpack. I started getting into it, and must admit that it was secretly fun to open it up on my PC at work, pull up a book, and pretend I was reviewing a document on occasion. I also loved pulling it up on my iPhone while on the subway to work. However, I did have issues with it at night before bed — not due to the technology, but because I always fall asleep when I read. Falling a sleep with a $1,200 Apple computer on your lap isn’t the smartest thing in the world, you know? And yes, I did it enough times to panic. Kind of like when you fall asleep at the wheel and wake up with that surge of adrenalin that blasts through your body… Or maybe it was just the crusty look from Chris as he grabbed it to keep it from falling… Either way, I knew it was time to move to the real deal: The Nook.

The thing I really like about the Nook, is that Chris and I can loan each other books for free, immediately. If I finish a book on the way to work, I can email him, and he can loan me one from his library. I open up my Nook, find the new book, download it, and start reading. We can also purchase books at incredibly reduced rates — $6.99 for paperbacks. We read like fiends around here, so being able to purchase books so cheaply is a very good thing.

So, yet again, Chris pushes me into the bold new world of technology… or at least the reading nook of it.


2 thoughts on “Hooked on my Nook!

  1. Thanks! It’s great, right? Loving it. And I couldn’t help but notice your blog name: Shiawase Life. “Happiness” in Japanese, correct?

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