The February Furies

Go ahead and laugh. I did. The “February Furies” are what the media dubbed the storms that have hit the NorthEast during the month of February. I have to admit I’m glad they passed on “Snowpocalypse” (the sequel to Snowmagedon”). That would just have been too much. As it is, the hoopla around winter storms continues to amaze me. It’s snow. It’s wet. It slows us down. But is it really that newsworthy?

To answer that question, I hit some of the top news sites today… Hmmm… the only furies happening are those whirling, swirling headlines masquerading as news: “Troubled NY Governor Won’t Seek Full Term” (duh), “Killer Whales Neurotic in Captivity,” “Which 7 US Cities Have the Worst B.O.?” Is it any wonder why news producers feel the need — or desire — to fill precious minutes and hours of morning and prime time TV with mindless drivel about depth, weight, wetness, dryness, accumulation, plowing, drifting, and shoveling of the February Furies? Of course not! How else can they get their minds of the rest of the drivel they are passing as news?

Now I’m not trashing everyone and every station. There are some informative, timely, relevant stories and segments occurring that add value and intrigue to my morning coffee and dog/bird feeding. But they seem to be few and far between. The push for silly anchor banter, home technology put to use by news teams, and insane focus entertaining me rather than informing me is just too much. So, I’ll just focus on those that deserve it. Now take this one for instance, with our Veep, Joe Biden… Ah, the United Kingdom broadcast journalists never looked so smart! Enjoy!

Joe Biden — “What’s wrong with his head?” (Courtesy of the Huffington Post — a news source I love, btw)


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