Batter Up: Son No. 6… Enough About Me

… Enough about me. Let’s talk about the book. You may remember my initial angst about reading The Baseball Box Prophecy. My initial post on the subject made that rather clear. But a few chapters into the book and I was over the angst. I was hooked. And I liked it. You can see from the rest of my posts that it provided great fodder for poking fun at my own history with the sport of baseball.

What I haven’t discussed yet is the fantasy and supernatural aspect of the story that kept me intrigued, involved and reading a 500+ page novel about a sport that tormented my life, pre- and post-adolescence. And I won’t. Because that would give it all away. It would be like going to the first Star Wars movie and having the kid next to you tell you that Darth Vadar was Luke’s dad. Bummer. But I will tell you that the manipulation of time and altered realities in The Baseball Box Prophecy is hugely fun and what kept me coming back for more. If you’ve read any of my other posts re: book recommendations, you’ll already have expected that. The supernatural genre is a favorite of mine. Altered states of reality are the best — always such an adventure. You’re talking to someone who remembers every flying dream he’s ever had in vivid detail, and longs for more. But you’re also talking to someone who vacillated between wanting to be a werewolf or a vampire his entire childhood (loved the wolf thing, but needed the flying powers of the vamp).

Son No. 3: Bruce Newbold

What makes the fantasy elements in this book intriguing is that Bruce weaves an innocence into a coming of age story to provide a connection point to readers of multiple ages. If you’re a little old and jaded, (Read: Alan) then the story lets you travel through your own time to the moments when you were a little less so and relive them a bit from a friendly distance. If you are a kid now, living and breathing tween and teen years, then you connect immediately to your love of the game, and your secret hope that something fantastical is waiting for you on your bike, in the back yard or on the ball field. Either way, it doesn’t let you down.

Thanks for the book, Bruce. Congrats! I’m so proud of you and can’t wait to see where this leads. And now, of course, my PR mind is just whirling with ways to drive word-of-mouth and sales… Book drops to national sports anchors with tween and teen sons/daughters? Daddy blog tour as “the book to be reading to your kids”? Facebook apps/games/quizzes — Which character are you: The Hag, Cletis, Elston, Roberta? Inexpensive online ad buys on fantasy baseball sites? Radio Disney interviews? Nickelodeon or Disney channel partnership and online giveaway? Search Engine Optimization and Google Ads? Ah, so much fun just thinking about it…


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