My Tropical Commute

My urban commute to work may not be as harried as a drive on the LA freeways, but after dodging a few early morning tourist families (they walk four abreast); the random dog walker (two pugs, two labs, and the token mutt) trying to curb, scoop and toss; the taxi haler (who obliviously cuts you off while talking on the cell) and the texter in heels (need I say more?) who can’t walk and chew gum, let alone add technology to the mix on a NY sidewalk, it feels as though I just spent some time in bumper to bumper hell, as well. And yes, that’s all BEFORE I get on the subway…

Enter “White Noise.” Enter relief. Typically my iPhone app purchases have centered around the brain teasing puzzles, my Starbucks finder, and of course, every weather gadget available, but this one? It rounds out the bunch. Caffein? Check. Weather? Check. Mind-numbing Bejeweled, Chuzzle or Unblockme for the Subway? Check. Tropical birds, tree frogs and trickling water on a Manhattan sidewalk? Check, check and check.

And my choices with this application range from Amazon jungle to beach waves crashing to crickets chirping to camp fire crackling to, yes, city streets, should I ever feel the need to tap back into my commuter reality while on vacation. I can search the sound catalog for whatever I’m in the mood for, and I can even activate a timer within the app, so I can use it before I go to bed, or as a dog- or bird-sitter. And for humans with offspring, rather than animals, there is also a White Noise Baby application, complete with all the sounds required to soothe.

I can’t count the number of apps I have downloaded — free or at a cost — that I rarely use of wonder why I even grabbed them. But this one has already proved its value. In the jungle. On the beach. In the rain. Around the fire. In the forest… and all on the way to work.


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