Reading Lite

Having been slammed with the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, family visits, relocation within the same apartment building, and a job change, my personal reading time has been severely reduced. And the topics? Definitely weighing in on the lighter side of the literature scale. However, that doesn’t equate to a pointless read. On the contrary. It proves my theory that keeping a wide range of reading materials on your nightstand can supply you with just the respite you need from your current reality, just when you need it. Here are some recommendations for a quick escape:

Frankenstein, Books 1 – 3: Dean Kunz — Being a huge fan of Mr. Kunz, this was an easy target for me. And being a fan of the Frankenstein story, I was eager to see his take on the original. Loved it. I bought into it right from the get-go. I admit to being a bit frustrated that I had to wait four years for Book 3, but know that Mr. Kunz was over-delivering on the wonderfully lovable Odd Thomas series — of which I recommend every one — so forgive the time lapse. Read them all: The Prodigal Son, City of Night, and Dead and Alive.

Arctic Drift: Clive Cussler and Dirk Cussler — I haven’t read one of Mr. Cussler’s novels in a while, so it was fun to dive back in (sorry, couldn’t resist) and rejoin the characters. He’s introducing a second generation in the Dirk Pitt family of protagonists, so will be interesting to see how heavy a hand the second generation of Cussler plays in the writing, as well. All in all a good read, if not a bit over the top in places. But then, isn’t that why you read a Clive Cussler novel?

The Log of a Cowboy: Andy Adams — Published in 1903, this narrative of the old trail days is a gem. Written in the first person, a teen-age cowhand on his first cattle drive chronicles his adventures from the Texas/Mexico border to the Montana mountains. I read this as a college student, and since I’d been hauling it around with me for so many years, thought it deserved a second read a generation later. Still loved it. Every word. The cowboy in me lives on…


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