Gracie Knows No Fear

Right... these guys hunt badgers...

Dachshunds were originally bred to hunt badgers. Ferocious little guys, they would dive into a badger’s lair, fearlessly intent upon tearing it to pieces. Relentless and stubborn, their tails were often used by handlers to pull them back out! This holiday season,  while Samson or Chloe proved themselves relentless and stubborn — and continue to do so — it was one year-old Gracie who proved to be fearless…

Holiday gathering 2009. Small and quaint, it gave a few good friends I used to work with a chance to get together and toast the season. Gracie was in town with her parents, and, well, graced us with her presence. We loved it. The Dachshunds? Not so much. This little imp of a human completely befuddled them! Chloe turned all nervous and mushy (complete out of character), keeping her tail between her legs and nervously licking little Gracie’s hands and finally giving in and licking the tip of her nose. Gracie loved it!

The only thing they hunt is the softest spot for naps!

Samson on the other hand? He pulled a Kujo. Total Kujo. It didn’t matter how we approached it, he was overcome with aggressive terror and had to be crated the entire time she was here. We tried a couple of separate introductions, but none were successful. He simply went rabid with throaty growls and warning barks. And Gracie? She squealed with delight! She would stand near his kennel, with him growling and barking, clap her hands and sweetly smile and say, “Whoof! Whoof!” What kid does that? She’s clearly the next dog whisperer or an early-developing adrenalin junkie. For her parents’ sake? I hope it’s the former! And yes, you can guess that the next class the Obedience School drop-outs are enrolled in is “Socialization 101 for the Authority-Challenged Pack Leader”… See my post from 12/28/08 for reference…


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