Thank You, New York Magazine

What to Read? New York Magazine! (Image courtesy

New York Magazine’s “Year in Ideas” is always a fascinating read for me.  This year’s 9th Annual Year in Ideas is no exception.

I love the A-to-Z format in which the ideas are laid out because it gives me 26 chances to be surprised and delighted (to coin a very over-used PR phrase, second only to “shock and awe”). And I can save a few letters for when I need a break a work, stretch it out over the weekend, etc. If I was reading the hard copy, I’d never be able to do that! I’d be glued to it for however long it took me to get through them all in one read! It’s the little things in life, right? And the digital read is just one of my little things, I guess…

This year, the “A” section took top honors for me with an bus-stop installation in Berlin by Amnesty International titled “It Happens When No One is Watching.” Brilliant.

The ad follows, and I’ve actually lifted a paragraph right from New York Magazine to describe the actual advertisement:


The poster, placed in a bus shelter in Berlin, was a one-time installation sponsored by Amnesty International. When a person in the shelter was looking at the poster, he saw, along with the words, a photograph of an amiable couple: a stocky, professional-looking man in a blue oxford-cloth shirt, his arm around the shoulders of his girlfriend or wife. If no one in the shelter was paying attention to the poster, though, the image switched: now the man was raising his fist against the woman as she leaned away and protected her face. (There was a slight lag in the switch, so viewers could notice that the poster was changing its image.)


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