Room Service, Please!

Room Service Restaurant, NYCI usually tweet about my dining experiences, but had to give Room Service at blog shout-out. I found it by accident — as with all great restaurants, it’s about the “stumbled upon” discovery — walking around my neighborhood in search of good “delivery” menus. This was a big-time score. This restaurant’s Thai food travels so well, I’ve never even gone there in person, yet! It’s all be dial and delivery dining!

Chris and I have yet to miss with anything we’ve ordered, and to date we’ve tried quite a bit from Room Service. Appetizers: Corn Spring Rolls, Coconut Calamari Tempura, Chicken Satay and Pan Steamed Mussels with Thai Herbs. The mussels were absolutely amazing, and the blend of lemon grass, shallots and basil in a lime juice/white wine broth? Delicious — and beautiful. I actually took a photo of the mussel shells because the color combination in their natural rings when submerged were so rich. Okay, that’s a bit freaky, which Chris clearly made known, so no need for additional comments. But that’s just who I am.

For entrees, we’ve tried the Spicey Veggie Fried Brown Rice, Bangkok Chicken Pumpkin Curry, Beef Green Apple Salad (an appetizer on the menu) and Spicy Squid Ink Spaghetti, which was by far the most adventurous and rewarding to date.

Next up from Room Service? I’m leaning toward the Thai Scampi with Curry Powder, Grilled Ginger Honey Pork Chops or the Avocado Summer Rolls… Hmmm… 8:40 AM on a Sunday morning and I’m already thinking dinner? Not a good sign — or maybe it is? At least for Room Service.


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