NWA Not! Chapter 3: Did Donna Really Check a Bag?

Alas, we have yet to recover Donna’s luggage. While certainly not a surprise, based on our exemplary customer service experience with Delta/NWA to date, it’s still so disheartening. And let’s face it, no amount of shopping at Bloomingdale’s in New York City during the holiday season with two fabulous gay men — even if one of them is your son — can make up for the loss of personal items of monetary and sentimental value.

And speaking of the son… While I have simply allowed myself the use of this blog to rant, vent and occassionally curse Delta and NWA for the inconvenienc of the entire situation, Chris has taken it to a new level: One Bad Airline. (Did I mention he’s a Scorpio? Enough said.) This new Web site chronicles our bad experience with Delta and NWA, and invites others to share their experience with the airlines. And based on a quick Google search for “Delta Sucks”, Chris is not alone in his desire to bring to light the consistently poor customer experience across Delta and NWA. The search for these two ugly little words (sorry, Mom and Dad, but this derragatory term, while in poor taste, has been widely accepted into the American vernacular as the verbal and visual end-all of disgust) landed 1.2 million entries. Crazy, right? But even if you take that search with a grain of salt, it still means that enough people have been angered, insulted, frustrated and hurt by Delta and NWA to warrant making it known via blogs and blog posts, tweets, and even Web sites dedicated to the voicing of these feelings. I guess my question is this: What, exactly, will it take for this airline to work as hard for our money as any other company we choose to do business with? (And yes, I ended that sentence with a preposition, but it just felt right…) Based on my experiences, I’m guessing it will take a lot more than Donna’s lost bag and 1.2 million negative — if not scathing — online conversations. Maybe it’s time to enlist those Mommy Blogger’s who shut down Motrin so quickly to band together on our behalf for Delta and NWA? Let’s do it!


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