NWA NOT! Chapter 2: The Flight Home

Well, after 4 fun-filled days of shopping for everything carefully packed in luggage somewhere between Minot, ND and NYC, Chris’ mom flew home today… sans bag. Yep. Never found it. Wait, that might not be true. They may very well have found it. But since WE HAVEN’T HEARD A WORD FROM THEM IN FOUR DAYS, we’ll never know, will we.

Lost baggage? Understandable. It’s air travel. It happens. But to have such a poor communications system in place that not a proactive email, phone call or letter has come to Donna’s attention from the airline?  Utterly ridiculous. Four days later, she’ll be filling out a claim form at her home airport without so much as a word frrom NWA or Delta. Now THAT is customer service and an attention to detail that makes me just want to fly with them every day.

And the irony? I continually get emails and letters from NWA and Delta as an elite status traveler reminding me how much more powerful they are since the merger, how many more cities are available to me, how many more flights are available to me, how much more they have to offer combined. Well, the only thing I really need from them is a clear channel of communicaiton and some respect, and it seems neither of those were drafted into the merger.



2 thoughts on “NWA NOT! Chapter 2: The Flight Home

  1. Oh, so sad!!!!! I can’t believe they never found it, although I can believe no one has ever contacted her. Believe me, United isn’t any better on this front.

  2. They still haven’t found it. The site still tells us that the bag is being “tracked.” Right…

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