Taking Gay Advantage of Male Steretypes

CIMG0425You know you need some work/life balance when you realize that yesterday was your 5-year anniversary and you missed it. And your other half missed it. Maybe that makes it okay? Maybe that’s why gay male relationships work, because if you both commit a relationship faux paus that blantantly reinforces a male stereotype in general, it cancels itself out? Let’s hope so! Score one for being a guy and getting away with it!

Chris and I have both been working at such a fast and furious pace that we simply missed it. In fact, I’m not even sure it’s crossed his mind, yet. He’s in London on business. So random. Even last week, in a moment of subdued panic, I looked at Chris and said, “What day is it, I think we forgot our anniversary.” Then, of course, that lead us into our standard mock-argument that he really has no idea what day our anniversary is, anyway, so he really can’t be much help to me in remembering it. He just knows it falls somewhere between his birthday and mine with Thanksgiving thrown in the mix. But even so, we checked calendars in that moment, and noted that we still had a week, so we were okay. That week came and went in a flash on into the next…

So, here’s to celebrating 5 years… with a memory of our first Thanksgiving going up in flames to celebrate!


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