I Believe in Music!

Actually, I do believe in music, very much. But that line is also the title of my very first audition song. It was my “up tempo” and “He Ain’t Heavy” was my ballad. Both were solid hits for the time period, and sang my heart out. I even remember belting out the “I Believe in Music” refrain riff, “sing it to me, children…” as a 17 year old. Kills me when I think about it, but god, life was so wonderfully raw and undiscovered at that point in my life. As it should have been.

Life now? Jaded. Tired. Spent. Okay, okay, I’m not quite that caloused. It’s probably the weekend weather and vortex that is work that is sending me down that slippery slope. Thus, (does anyone really use that word any more?) the post about music. It lifts me up. And, specifically, these artists — new to me — are delivering me from the commotion and turmoil all around me. Check them out:

imagesimages-1Dave Barnes — “Me and You and the World” and “You, the Night & Candlelight”  are both sweet. Love his voice and the mood he sets across both. “Until You,” “On a Night Like This,” and “Home” are a must listen. Just be patient and let him do what he does… lull you to peace…

imagesGraham Colton — His “Here Right Now” CD is refreshing — a nice mix of great melodies, clear vocals and guitar. My favorites here are “Best Days” and “Let It Go.” Introspective but not meloncholy.



images-1images-2Jon McLaughlin — “OK Now” was my first introduction, folllowed by “Indiana.” I can’t say enough about them. Very talented man. And “Why I’m Talking to You” is simply the sexiest song I’ve heard in a very long time. The groove, the lyrics, everything about it makes you smile and want to get it on. Great tune. His newest single “Proud Father” takes him in a new direction. Love that.

images-1images-2Marc Broussard — I know I’m so late to the party with this guy, but that’s the joy of discovery, right? “Man for Life” is just plain fun, “Going Home” sweet and memorable, and duets with both LeeAnne Rimes and Sara Bareilles deliver, as well. His latest, “Must be the Water” is all in the name of New Orleans, and is a great mix of blues and dixieland.

images-3imagesMatthew West — My newest find, and favorite for the time being. “The Day Before You” from “The Writer’s Room” is unashamedly romantic and soulful. I can listen to it repeatedly and not tire of it. “More” from his CD titled “Happy” is equally romantic, but much more playful in delivery. He’s one of those artists that you are happy for. You truly want him to succeed.

images-1Ronan Keating — Another recent discovery. He covers “She Believes in Me” (Kenny Rogers?), a surprisingly refreshing approach. Just enough of himself in there to make you appreciate it all over again. He duets with LeeAnne Rimes (isn’t everyone now? She’s the duet “it” girl) and they find a nice harmonic groove together. He gets romantic on “This is Your Song” and lays some nice tracks over himself that really fill it out, as simple as it is.


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