Going Postal While Going Mobile


Source: quickpwn.com

I love my USAA iPhone app. Let me say that again. I love my USAA iPhone app. As a bank, USAA has never done me wrong. Gave me my first car loan. My first credit card. My first car and renters’ insurance. They stuck by me and I’ve stuck by them. It’s been over 20 years now. I may have wandered into a few competitive branches now and then, but I always come home. So — when they introduced the new app that let’s me photograph a check with my iPhone (front and back), send the image via a Deposit@Mobile menu, and then give me access to those funds WITHIN TWO MINUTES? I was sold all over again. Crazy good stuff.

So, I’m cranking at work this week, trying to catch a flight and keep meetings going on my Blackberry phone while in a car to the airport. I get the crazy idea that I can truly multi-task by depositing a check on my iPhone at the same time. Good idea. Okay, may just an okay idea, given the situation, but I still liked it.

But an okay idea quickly turned ludicrous, as I tried to maintain conversation on my call, perch the check between my legs on the seat for best visibility (it requires a dark background and the edges of the check must be visibile), and then snap photos of the check for the deposit — all in ridiculous motion as the driver is trying to get me to LaGuardia from Manhattan within 20 minutes after getting stuck for 25 minutes waiting for a break in the Veteran’s Day Parade in the city by my office! Every time I was poised for the perfect photo, we’d round a bend at 70 MPH or brake to 55 MPH, throwing my bag to the floor, me into the door, and the check floating to where ever it felt inclined. If I hadn’t been so focused and frustrated — and on a call — I would have probably started laughing and realized the situation was hopeless…  But no, stubborn me just kept trying. I kept seeing the driver checking me out in the rear view mirror, trying to figure out exactly what I was doing. I’m sure he’s seen and heard worse, so no drama there.

In the end? I made the check deposit after I check through security. And that’s still pretty cool.


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