Quote of the Month

It’s not quite the end of the month, yet, but I have a feeling this one can’t be topped. Thank you, Chris.

I was snacking the other night. 10 PM. Starving. Raiding the cupboards. Peanuts, almonds, crackers, even looked closely at dry cereal. Then I heard: “Stop eating! I didn’t marry William Shatner!”

Really? William Shatner? The former hottie gone soft? The captain gone capsule? The actor so in tune with his Boston Legal “Denny Craig” character — and himself —  that he lets “puffy gawker” quips be written into the script and delivered by Heather Locklear? THAT William Shatner? Really?





Once I got over the horror of the slur, I actually laughed out loud. The delivery was perfect. The source authentic. And yeah, I’m a little puffy. Now where did I put the Hagen Daas?


One thought on “Quote of the Month

  1. Oh man…William Shatner…that cut deep. Have you stopped the bleeding? Could have been worse, I suppose. He could have called you Val Kilmer.

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