Fiction Addiction

The latest works that have brought me pleasure. Excellent reads, all of them:

hood11Hood (Stephen R. Lawhead): I’ve always been a fan of all things Robin Hood (except, of course, that horrible film with Kevin Costner and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio), and this falls into that category with a wonderful mix of historical fact and fiction. Check it out… and the sequel “Tuck,” is now available and on my reading list, as well.

gargoyleThe Gargoyle (Andrew Davidson): As earlier noted, this book grabbed me from the initial paragraphs and didn’t disappoint through to the end. The characters were well-developed, likeable, loveable, and missed when the story ended. I still think this might be my best read of the year.

the-likeness-pbThe Likeness (Tana French): You remember that I often have difficulty diving into murder mysteries of the English/Irish ilk… This proved absolutely worth the investment. Well-told, and well-paced, its lead character narates through the voice of a murder victim (think Lovely Bones, but more action and less heavy tragedy). Give it a read.

h1385The Miracle Life of Edgar Mint (Brady Udall): Okay, this one is just something else entirely. It initially caught my eye because the author had woven a Mormon foster family into the story. In my high school days, Native American (called “Lamanites” by the Mormons) students were always in our schools through Mormon foster family placements, so I was amused and interested that this author would have introduced such a piece of Mormon fabric into this book, and that it should play so prominently. But the rest of the book outshines even that piece of the story, and is wonderfully amusing, tragic,  gritty and rewarding. Read it.


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