The Weekend of our Discontent

Adequate. Mediocre. Vanilla. Common. Pedestrian. Passable. And, yes, Average. Bored, yet? I sure am. And worse? I’m still hungry. I’ve just described every meal and snack I’ve had between Friday night at 5 PM and Sunday afternoon at 3 PM. Friday evening found us at Yum Yum, Too in Hell’s Kitchen/Midtown West. Not bad, but not memorable. And the drinks? Overly sweet with minimal alcohol.

Saturday mid-morning found as Time Warner Center’s Whole Foods where the flatbread pizza was just that: flat. Crust too thick. Toppings cold. Completely unsatisfactory. Saturday night we ordered in: Chinese from Wu Liang Ye. Online reviews were positive, the restaurant touted as upscale and authentic, but the meal just didn’t deliver. Weak flavors in bland dishes. The reheat Sunday at lunch was a little better, but still unsatisfying. And it arrived in under 15 minutes. Just think about that for a moment. 4 blocks over 2 blocks up, full meal delivered in under 15 minutes. Fresh? Not!

Sunday afternoon brought treats from Cupcake Cafe on 9th Ave. The cake portion was dry, and the icing was heavy crisco- or shortening-based, to keep the flowers looking pretty. Unfortunately, it didn’t help in the flavor department. When I think cupcakes, I admit, I think Magnolia Bakery or Crumbs. I crave the rush and the crash. I admit it. But getting that from one of these at CC? No such luck. Three quarters of it went in the trash. If you know me, you know that says something.

That brings us to tonight. I’m afraid to go out. Afraid to order in. Even afraid to cook. The opportunities for run-of-the-mill, so-so, second-rate, undistinguished, unexceptional and uninspired are the ONLY overwhelming possibilities. Is it possible to actually look forward to a Monday morning?


2 thoughts on “The Weekend of our Discontent

  1. Oh no! Your Chinese sucked?! That’s so depressing when no food lives up to your expectations. I can’t wait for a classic Magnolia cupcake.

  2. I’ve been known to say that most restaurant food is a disappointing, HOWEVER everyone raves about the great food in NY, so I’m surprised. Also, I did a story on cupcakes and ate a lot, and really, most are overrated. Especially the cake part. So if the icing isn’t good either, the trash is definitely the way to go.

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