8 Pt. Font Is Not My Friend!

Yes, I’ve been touching on aging as a theme to a lot of my posts lately. I can’t quite seem to avoid it, so may as well make it a topic of discussion. So… Let’s talk Cafe Lurcat — our favorite Minneapolis restaurant. Stellar service. Excellent food. Beautiful views of Loring Park. But the print on the check is just so damn small!

Just the other night, Chris and I enjoyed a fab dinner at Cafe Lurcat. As we wound down, the bill arrived and Chris took it to analyze. The mood lighting was such that a little help by candle light was required. Remember, Chris refuses to wear reading glasses in public. Alan wears contacts that float more than they settle, so I’m as inept as he is when it comes to fine print. As Chris held the bill in front of him — way in front of him — and positioned the candle for the best lighting, it went out. Poof. Darkness. We both busted a gut, knowing that either of us reading the bill accurately without the candle was a crap shoot.

I looked around for a candle we could steal from another table, but that just felt too conspicuous (like two guys passing a restaurant check back and forthing and holding it at arms’ length isn’t conspicuous at all…) I then took the bill and held it at several different angles. No luck. Chris took it back and held it at several more. No luck. Neither of us could truly make out what we owed the restaurant. We couldn’t stop laughing, and finally agreed upon what we thought the bill might be, and adjusted the tip accordingly, just in case we were more than a little off. As we left the restaurant, we didn’t catch any angry glares, so we assumed we made the right call on the tip. But then we had to read the parking valet ticket…

Oh, and this is just vision. Short term memory? Forget about it. Literally.


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