M&M: Not So Sweet

I’m not going to candy coat (sorry, couldn’t resist). But I’m definitely not talking those glorious little candies that melt in your mouth and not in your hands. I’m talking Milwaukee and Midwest Airlines. Not so sweet. I’m posting from a Milwaukee Airport on a Midwest Airlines layover. If I have enough time to power up my laptop and post to my blog — and actually feel the need to — you can only guess how MUCH time I have on my hands. And not by choice.

Aerial_WestNow, I admit my own culpability here. I didn’t scroll down my proposed itinerary far enough to discover that the flight times I was reviewing were, in reality, only the first leg of the flight. But come on, who actually books connecting flights any more? Really? So, yes, I’m at fault. But doesn’t my company pay the “required travel company” to book the most convenient travel itineraries for employees? Why in the hell would ANYONE, let alone a paid travel agent, book a business traveler with a THREE HOUR LAYOVER on his return trip home… And that follows the 6 AM flight on the front end that required a 4:30 AM trip to the airport the day prior! But I sucked it up. Figured it was my fault for not paying attention and playing a larger role in my own travel. But then we touched down in Milwaukee.

I love the midwest. I live in Minneapolis, for gods’ sake. But this is different. I promise. I chose not to eat in Pittsburgh — after a long day of meetings — knowing I had three hours to kill in Milwaukee. I’m thinking a moderately priced restaurant with a sparse menu, yes, but at least appetizing. Nothing. Nada. Every restaurant, every coffee shop, every magazine shop closes in this airport at 7 PM. I’m not kidding. I’m not exaggerating. I’m not embellishing. Closed.

I finally found a restaurant with its bar still open, and bribed the hostess to bribe the waiter to bribe the chef to get me whatever he’d already made and was ready to throw out! It worked. It frightened me. But it worked. And with a little Chianti (or, in this case, A LOT of Chianti), even the oldest Caprese Salad is palatable.

Now… when does my flight board?


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