Goo Goo for Ga Ga

No, I’m revisiting my post about a few days in Denver with my great neice and nepew Graham and Georgia… Okay, that sentence just took me on an “aging” tangent that brought on an involuntary shutter. But back to the topic…

Lady-Gaga-jet-2Lady Ga Ga. Love me some Lady Ga Ga. Every once in a while I’d hear something on the radio that I would Shazam, and think “Oh, Lady Ga Ga. Random name, nice beat. I’ll check it out later.” Then I’d check it out, and finally download a song or two and enjoy them. All of this completely unbeknownst to the firerstorm in the pop culture world that she is creating.

Chris was surprised that I even had her in any of my play lists — clearly he still thinks all I listen to is angry lesbian music or Native American chants or Celtic instrumentals. Guilty. But, hey, to each his own. But I can handle a little club mix when the moment is right. Chris is actually obsessed with Lady Ga Ga, having viewed — and forced me to view them, as well — nearly every You Tube video of her European tour, interviews with Ellen, and accoustic renditions of her music. He’s fairly particular about what he listens to, and he quickly deduced that there was more to Lady Ga Ga than packaged goods. There was real talent. I secretly rolled my eyes (she does have a tendency to flat when she’s singing live, but it’s only at a the bottom part of her vocal range), was amused at his convictions at first, but now that her song lyrics are burning through my brain 24/7, not so much. There is definitely something about her.

Her onstage and off-stage personalities are refreshingly distant. She is genuine and humble and strikingly centered in interviews for one so young: 23 years old. She can take an extremely produced piece of work and turn it around on a keyboard, creating something entirely different. She’s a musician first, and a pop culture icon second. If it’s true that she is choreographing her shows, as well as artistically directing them, then I bow down even further. She’s quirky. She’s lovely. And anyone who can stir up the political conservatives with her look and lyrics to the point of angry diatribe — when their front line is busy with soul-mate searching love affairs in South America and paying off mistresses with gifts from family money in SouthWestern America — is okay with me. Keep them busy, Lady Ga Ga, keep them busy. And keep the hits and hot videos coming. You deserve them.


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