IM Dreaming

No, that wasn’t leet-speak, the hi-tech lingo used by teens to keep their parents from understanding what they’re texting to one anther. I actually dreamed in IM. Instant Message format. I know. Freaky, right? I’m more than a little disturbed myself.

On the one hand it’s understandable. I work from home. Spend most of my time with a headset shoved in one ear, a cup of coffee in one hand, and my eyes glued to the screen of my laptop. I email, voicemail, phone, IM, text and otherwise multitask my way through every business day I face. Logically, it makes sense that my dream state may be affected. But scrolling through an IM chat and watching your dream unfold via text? Really?

That was me two nights ago. Let’s call it dream chat. Right-hand side of the laptop screen in my mind. Just like I see every day at work. Overlaying my email inbox. It was an IM chat with the managing director of my office. I know, you’d think that if I was stuck in REM-IM, I’d at least be flashing my way through colorful commentary and adventures with a little live video chat and some expletives, right? No. Not me. All business. All the time.

And it was so absolutely real. I watched our responses pop back and forth via IM thought bubbles and even experienced the occasional pause in IM flow while he took a call after typing “BRB” to which I responded “NP” and then he popped back up a little bit later with “YT?” to which I replied “Y” and the conversation began anew… Time to pick up the RX sleep meds. I figure a little sleepwalking and refrigerator bingeing I’ll never actually remember might prove worthwhile after all.

I can’t wait to go to bed tonight. There’s a memo I just haven’t been able to get to at work this week…


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