Crossroads: Power Through Hindsight?

Supernatural. Great TV. Great script. Sam and Dean Winchester are always heading to a crossroad in some godforsaken part of the country to call up Demons to interrogate or destroy. 

Hotshot. A little town of werepanthers in the Charlaine Harris “Dead” series surrounding the life of Sookie Stackhouse. Odd little town. Middle of nowhere. Inbreeding. Tightlipped. Near a crossroads. 

So I’m wondering — Is it happenstance and location that gives a crossroad power? Or is it truly the crossroad that is empowered and affects what’s around it? In my life? I’m thinking it’s simply hindsight. You never even know it’s a crossroad until later in your life when you’re looking back…

Take my hiatus from the entertainment world in 1991. I had left Disney after six years for a job I had thought I had lined up in Tokyo, which fell through. I was stuck in Salt Lake City, UT, living at home between jobs. I then landed a job in Boulder at a dinner theatre there and was going to go back to school at the University of Boulder. Done deal. Then, I fell in love. In Salt Lake City. Lasted all of six months, but I gave up my job in Boulder and my dream of a degree in broadcast journalism. For love. No, for six months of love. Actually, it was four months of love and two months of angst when you get right down to it. But in my twenties, that was forever. That was love eternal. Did I see that as a crossroad? No, I saw it as a relationship for the rest of my life.

But what did I really get out of it — aside from the pain and trauma that only young love can bring? I fell into a job a Nordstrom in SLC, that then lead to a job at the neighboring Bellezza Salon in SLC, where I worked full time and went to school at Salt Lake Community College at night and got my AS degree in Communications. During that time, I interned at Bremer PR, getting my first taste of Public Relations. Now, after years in the entertainment industry, and a freak stint as a temp in a NY PR agency (mixed with a painful knee injury that sidelined my acting/dancing career… probably another crossroad that I didn’t see…) grew to a full time position and full time love of PR, it’s 20 years later and I’m a VP, Client Service Director at a major PR firm out of NYC. 

Where would I have ended up had I gone to Boulder? No idea. Haven’t a clue. But it wasn’t a crossroads back then. It was just life. And I was living it head on. And when you’re living life head on, you simply have no time for crossroads. You blow threw them at 90 mph and never even know they’re there.


One thought on “Crossroads: Power Through Hindsight?

  1. It’s a good day at Bellezza salon, this is Kristin how may I help you today?

    I blog-hopped from Through the Looking Glass and was reading and as soon as I saw Bellezza that popped into my head, I worked there in college up until it closed!

    Also, I saw a a giant shitzu at the half yearly sale today at Nordstroms, it must have been working!

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