Lyrics From Days Gone By…

I was sitting on a plane the other day — there’s been a lot of that lately — and from nowhere, lyrics to a half-written song started swirling in my head. I have no idea what sparked it… maybe someone looked familiar, maybe a smell wafted by that brought them up… I love the way the mind works. Granted, mine works a little differently than the majority, but that’s why Chris loves me, and Dale loves Barb. And that’s a post for a different day… the post about how I am my mom. 100% Barbara. Couldn’t be happier about it, but just am amazed at how the gene pool kicks in. I am my mom. 

Anyway… about those lyrics… 

I should’ve known I could never deceive you. That with you I could let it all show. Who’d have thought you’d have taught me to leave you. That from you I would learn to let go. 

… written about a relationship that had run its course happily and healthily. And the realization of that fact by me. And the power that person had given me to comprehend that fact and act on it. Loved him for that.


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